Minimalist beauty

„Get to the point!“ or „Less is more!“ These brief statements describe in my opinion the minimalist photography quite well. Minimalism challenges to see beyond the obvious and to focus on the essentials.

Minimalism in photography focuses the attention in the photo on one subject. All distracting elements are omitted. The point is to illustrate the image statement with as few elements as possible.

* Look closely

minimalistische fotografie_anne pannecke 14

Minimalist motives surround us daily. All it takes is a keen eye. If you are traveling with the camera, look around – look for:

  • vast landscapes with clean lines (lakes, fields …)
  • colorful surfaces (walls, signs, flowers …)
  • interesting geometric structures, shapes or lines (stairs, bridges, windows …)
  • objects that can be separated with a plain or blurred background
  • looking up, down and look again 🙂

Often it is the framing that makes all the difference. Sometime this style can result in more graphic or abstract images.

* The composition makes the difference

minimalistische fotografie_anne pannecke 3

For the right flavor of a minimalist image it needs a strong image composition (supported by components such as color, shape, line and texture).

It is helpful here

  • to use leading lines
  • to consider the Rule of Thirds / Golden Ratio
  • to actively involve negative image space / backgrounds
  • to use contrasts and colors
  • to involve textures

* Use Apps to your advantage


The correct editing of the images can help to support the main motive or strengthen the composition. With the help of apps you can even remove unwanted objects that distract from the main subject. Try out TouchRetouch – 1,99€/ iOS for that use case.

*inspiring photographers

Always good it is to fill your head with inspiring images and get to know other minimalists:

Instagram people

and other…


more sources

Exploring iPhone photography while travelling


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