Just before sunset or after sunrise

It is the most well-known photo trick in the universe. The best time to take a picture is the so-called “golden hour” for guaranteed beautiful (landscape) photos. This refers to the time shortly after sunrise or after sunset (about 1 hour). The sun loses its intensity by the proximity to the horizon – shadows become longer – contrasts will loose intensity – colors get warmer.

Portraits and landscape photos benefit from these light conditions tremendously- especially with the possibility of making backlight pictures. For inspiration, you can search for the hashtag #goldenhour on Instagram.


After golden comes magic

After the golden hour comes the magic hour (unfortunately it lasts only about 30/40 minutes). The sun has disappeared, but it is not dark yet. Brooke Shaden loves to photograph at this time for her photo compositions.

Collage of two images - tree with orange berries and empty field at dawn

See the inspiring video clip from Brooke Shaden on CreativeLive:


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Golden / magic hour app tips

Make sure you do not miss the right time

  • Magic Hour – (elfinda Apps) – Free/ iOS (with Apple Watch Support)
  • Lumy – Helps you track photographic times (Santhalakshimi K) $3,99/ iOS (mit Apple Watch Support)
  • Sunfollower – Sunrise, sunset, sun position calculator (Evgeny Vostrikov) – 2,99€/ iOS –> there is a website, too
  • The Photographers Ephemeris (Crookneck Consulting LLC) – 8,99€/ 3,47€ iOS & Android

There are of cause also websites like golden-hour, that help. So, now – let’s go and shoot!



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