Fascinated by the wave photographs by @Ryan Pernofski I recently used a chance to plunge myself into the waves. A watertight “case” (see: for starters I used a quite cheap waterproof bag like these ones – Amazon) for the iPhone made it possible (thanks to my brother for the great gift). I went on my bike and cycled to a nearby lake with the new equipment. Please, no excuses, if you have no sea at your doorstep;) And if the tub has to serve …

before diving

Test your waterproof case! Just put a handkerchief / test strip in the shell – and keep at least 5 min under cool water.

Use a strap to secure your phone. You certainly don’t want to search for it at the bottom of the ocean. Unless of course you like the treasure hunt.

Wasseroberfläche reflektiert Sonnenstrahlen - SW-Foto

breathe deeply

Use the timer on the iPhone (3 or 10 seconds). This way you have enough time to dive into the water – and it takes 11 pictures in a matter of seconds in a row. This increases the probability to find the right moment.

To catch the water’s edge – you need some patience. Looks easier than it is. But it’s worth it!




dry thoroughly

Have a look and choose your best shots – edit as desired (straightening, exposure, filters …)

Stay happy and creative, Anne