Best time to photograph: golden hour apps

Just before sunset or after sunrise It is the most well-known photo trick in the universe. The best time to take a picture is the so-called “golden hour” for guaranteed beautiful (landscape) photos. This refers to the time shortly after sunrise or after sunset (about 1 hour). The sun loses its intensity by the proximity …

Must try photo editing apps

What makes an editing app special? For me it’s easy usability and personalization. I am little obsessed with photography apps. It’s the kind of app I love to play with for hours like they would be an addictive game. Although I have a whole “page” on my iPhone reserved just for photo apps I have …

From snapshot to art: Polaroid app magic

Create the Polaroid magic and with it atmospheric and dreamy pictures. Have a look at Polamatic – my favorite app for Polaroid effects.

Minimalist beauty

Learn more about how to use a minimalist perspective in mobile photography. Find inspiration, motive ideas and apps that help to archive your vision.