What makes an editing app special? For me it’s easy usability and personalization.

I am little obsessed with photography apps. It’s the kind of app I love to play with for hours like they would be an addictive game. Although I have a whole “page” on my iPhone reserved just for photo apps I have to admit that only some of them are my daily go to editing favorites. If you are looking for easy to use apps with great filters I recommend the following…

Photo apps I love because of the usability

Darkroom photo app screenshot
Darkroom App Screenshot


Darkroom | Free + InApp feature Curves cost 3,99€ | iOS

The app has a great workflow inbuilt. When you open it you are directly in your photo album (no loading in photos!). Open an image with a click and find the editing possibilities at the bottom. If you like to use these edits on more photos you can save them as your own filter. The big plus for this app is it’s usage through gesture. Just swipe left or right to go to the next picture and down to go back to the album overview. Editing at its best for my taste.



LightBoxr photo editing app screenshot
LightBoxr App Screenshot

LightBoxr | 1,99€ | iOS | Tag #LightBoxr (Instagram)

Load up to 10 pictures, shuffle through some amazing analog style filters, save and done. Love it especially for the shuffle modus and the possibility to save your own presets. I tell you – it’s easy to use with great results. It can be quick or you can spend hours making your own filter.

Only thing thats bugging me sometimes is the red save button in the middle of the photo. (Please developers – never do that in photo apps!)


Other apps every mobile / iphone photographer should try

In regard of all the filter craziness. Please remember to use a filter to enhance the message, your style and the meaning of your photo. Having a photo with great light to begin with – is a good start. So what is your favorite go to photo app?