Knowing your composition and knowing how to frame your environment will be your strongest tool in smartphone photography.

Porter Yates created an astonishing insightful class about composition on Skillshare. Don’t miss this free look into the mind of a working photographer.

I can’t recommend this class enough! It goes far beyond the usual tips of the rule of thirds – it will challenge you to think different about what you see around you.

Free class – Frame a Great Shot: Exploring Photo Composition from Porter Yates

Skillshare screenshot of Porter Yates class on Composition

His class covers different topics:

His main message is also that you learn while you doing, while you practise! Try one thing first and see how it goes.

Porter Yates: It’s important to go out and practise! … It’s OK to fail. Learn from your failures and you become a better photographer.

Jump over and invest 1h learning and level up your photo skills.


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What is Skillshare?

I am a big fan of Skillshare – an online platform with lot’s of tutorials from creatives for creatives. They have an extensive section about photography with high-class teachers. Some of them are free but some are not. With my Skillshare-link, you get 3 months of premium for just 0,99€. Try it!