Screenshot of album search for flowers in new iOS 10

Got iOS 10? This changes for iphone photography

Did you update already? With the new iOS 10 version you got some new features in your pocket. Get an overview of the best new stuff:

  • Search albums: With Siri’s AI brain you can now search inside your photos for places, people or things
  • Auto-select people photos: auto-selection of photos from the same person in the Albums section. Tab on Faces and tap then on a face to see all their photos – you can connect the face with your contacts if you like (“Add name” section at the top).
  • Video feature in the albums – so called Memories (tab): automatically created albums with video slideshow effect based on different contexts (E.g. places). For the video you can change the title and background music – and then share on social media. You can also create these videos with albums you manually selected.
  • Shortcut camera: To open up the camera quickly from the lock screen just swap from right to left.

Look up all changes on the apple website. And remember: Make a backup before you update – just to make sure all your photos are safe and sound.

Exploring iPhone photography while travelling


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