Inspiration: Huntgram

There is this eternal search for the inspiration. Who does not know it? A great website / app to find inspiration for your photography is Huntgram / iOS App.

Find the best Instagram-artists sorted by category. WOW! With all these impressions the focus blurs fast. So, don’t get lost in the latest trends! Base your search on your personal visual standpoint, your aesthetic, your likes.

A small inspiration exercise to try

Collect 15 images that you like. Try not to think too much. Decide quickly by impulse.
Now, a week later: Look at the pictures closely (Is there a common thread? Recurring elements? Special colors? Compositions? … What exactly do you like about the pictures? Make a list of all the criteria.

NOW – Create a photo series of 5 pictures, use the items from your list as a guide. See mine in the article “Tried out: inspiration challenge“.
Happy shooting and stay creative! Show me your pictures and use #placesandportraits on Instagram.


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