Tried out: inspiration challenge

In this post I want to share my personal experiences from my inspiration challenge with you. Step by step I’m trying to define my own style a little more. Before your read on – please read my  blog post about Huntgram.</>

On the track – Finding great pictures

The first part of the task is to find of great Instagram pictures – this was easy peasy. Some of my favorites are @AlexStrohl@EmilyBlincoe@Finn@MR_Darcy@Sejkko@konaction and many others.

What do you see – ANALYSIS

I looked at every picture, trying to put into words what I particularly liked. What I see…

    • minimalism
    • strong composition (large vs small, complementary colors)
    • “otherworld feel” (double exposure, …)
    • texture (clouds, wood, street, patterns …)
    • persons in the environment OR close portraits with shoulders still in the frame OR real close ups
    • attention to the light / shadow
    • emotional – atmospheric (but quiet / positive)
    • analog filter

Go shooting with a sense of the result

With these factors in mind, it went into the field – in the truest sense of the word. Over several weekends I went out specifically to take pictures. Armed with a tripod and partly with nice props (book, pen, scarf). I usually try to integrate my Instagram photos in everyday life. Snap spontaneous things that catch my eye – so this was a little different.
So far so good. Prepare yourself mentally and morally for a lot of fails. But cheer up: Every mistake is a step in the right direction.


Work on

Thinks I have to work on

  • find a routine in editing images (at the moment I try many apps) – gain the same look and feel
  • find other patient people that can be photographed
  • explore further the area for great photo locations
  • take more time for idea development…

You never stop learning. I hope my experiences helps you to try it yourself.

Happy shooting und stay creative!


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