Learn composition with Porter Yates

Knowing your composition and knowing how to frame your environment will be your strongest tool in smartphone photography. Porter Yates created an astonishing insightful class about composition on Skillshare. Don’t miss this free look into the mind of a working photographer. I can’t recommend this class enough! It goes far beyond the usual tips of the …

Best time to photograph: golden hour apps

Just before sunset or after sunrise It is the most well-known photo trick in the universe. The best time to take a picture is the so-called “golden hour” for guaranteed beautiful (landscape) photos. This refers to the time shortly after sunrise or after sunset (about 1 hour). The sun loses its intensity by the proximity …

Tried out: inspiration challenge

In this post I want to share my personal experiences from my inspiration challenge with you. Step by step I’m trying to define my own style a little more.

Minimalist beauty

Learn more about how to use a minimalist perspective in mobile photography. Find inspiration, motive ideas and apps that help to archive your vision.