Add great grain with Picfx

Add great grain with Picfx

There are many apps that can add a little grain to your pictures, one that is easy to use is Picfx.

*Some examples at first


That’s how it works:

0-  download PicFx (1,99€) und start the app:


Cropping an image with an app
1- choose an image
PFX film set with picfx app
2- Choose PFX Film Set
PFX BW100 on Picfx app
3- PFX BW100 (scroll a little to the back)
Save picture in editing app Picfx
4- save
staple filter funktion Picfx
5- VARIATION: It is possible to staple filter! E.g. with PFX 500 (also under the PFX Film category)
PFX BW100 filter applied in the Picfx photo app
6- Than again use PFX BW100


Have fun 🙂


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